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Beringer Quadrant

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☀️ The Sundial "Beringer's Quadrant"☀️ is a scientific instrument both ornamental and functional, because it gives the Solar Time in a very precise way!!!

It is a singular clock for any collection, office, or cabinet of curiosities.

Its asymmetry and careful decoration give this faithful reproduction an unusual beauty that makes it an original and essential gift for sensitive people, with intellectual interest in science, astronomy, or simply for owning a historical, ornamental and singular object.
Our reproduction is based on a piece dating from the 18th century (between 1772-1821), probably made in Nuremberg and attributed to David Beringer.
Polyhedral sundials were used for decoration in the Renaissance, probably for garden decoration. David Beringer rediscovers these Renaissance polyhedral clocks and resurrects them in his cubic model.

🕰️ How does the Beringer Quadrant Sundial work? 🕰️

The instrument is Polyhedral in shape and as a table or cabinet clock is decorated on each of its faces with wallpapers. It has 5 time dials, with the time scales corresponding to its orientation. Its "Stilo" or "Gnomon" allows us to know the solar time at any time of the day, thanks to the shadow that projects the path of the Sun in the celestial vault.

The east face is provided with a plumb line that allows us to place the latitude of the reading place, and in the lower part there is a latitude scale.
The column on which it is supported is foldable, precisely to adapt the clock to the latitude and facilitate its operation in any place.
A compass is incorporated in the base to be able to orient the Quadrant on the meridian (North/South axis).
To use the clock, first place the instrument on a flat surface that receives the sun's rays. Then use the compass to orient the clock so that its North face is aligned with the point of the compass arrow. Then we will lower the cube making the plumb line coincide with the latitude of the place where we are, and we will simply look at the shadows cast by the Gnomes that coincide with one of the time lines, and this will be the Solar Time.
Anyway, don't worry because all our instruments are provided with instructions for use.

In Hemisferium, we produce and develop our own designs, and we assemble all the pieces by hand in our workshop in Madrid. We take care of the packaging and the quality of all the components, always looking to deliver to our customers original decorative objects of great workmanship.


Total height: 19cm / Width: 14cm / Depth: 16 cm