About Hemisferium

In April 2005 we created Hemisferium. Instrumentos Científicos Antiguos, S.L. We specialize in making objects that link us to our scientific past and in making them accessible to all lovers of the art and beauty of science.

Hemisferium was born when Villalcor, S.L. disappeared and all the accumulated experience -more than twenty years of activity manufacturing reproductions of nautical, optical or astronomical measuring instruments- is our inheritance.

The axes of Hemisferium are: research, development and recovery of the scientific-historical heritage of instruments that, due to their relevance in the advancement of knowledge and the evolution of technology, deserve to be rescued from oblivion and shared in all their beauty.

We choose instruments that are interesting for their scientific, historical and aesthetic value and can be reproduced with modern materials and techniques. For this purpose, we study books, originals from museums or private collections and carefully, with the help of experts, we recreate the object in its aesthetic and functional aspect. We develop our products so that they can be used according to their original purpose.

Using metals, woods, dyes, papers, other products and more updated processes in their handmade manufacture, Hemisferium allows to bring these wonderful instruments to a wide public. 


We like things well done.

In this unusual trade we have learned and improved over the years. As we are perfectionists, we take care of every single detail of our instruments.

From the beginning we focused on each piece retaining its essence, its beauty and its original functions.

We use quality materials and handcrafted processes to maintain the individual character of each instrument.

Above all, we work with honesty, giving our best to make the experience of our customers fully satisfactory.


"Works are love and not good reasons".

One of Hemisferium's main values is the support of educational projects.

In our origins we received the generous support ofscholars of sundials and astronomical instruments whose main satisfaction was to share their knowledge and re-create those instruments beyond their studies or scholarly articles for their circle.

Our raison d'être, to rescue those milestones of old technology and revive them to share them and "initiate" the new searchers, follow in their wake.

Our goal is to help spread the knowledge behind these instruments and the scientific discoveries that made them possible.

We have always supported educational initiatives of small groups or large organizations such as schools or museums. The creators of cultural projects have counted on us, from educational programs to videogame creators.

And we remain open to new proposals.


Trees and children for a better world

Hemisferium is very small. There are 5 of us. Four in the workshop and one on the ground.

Size gives us the advantage of flexibility, close lines of communication and the ability to make decisions to make necessary changes easily.

We all reconcile and live nearby.

Our children share our space when necessary. We cover for each other. We try to be a team and be co-responsible for our successes and our mistakes.

In relation to the trees, we have had a farm as a project for 8 years. There we protect a forest and reforest with native species.

In our manufacturing process we use molten metals, steel moulds, plastics, paper, wood... All of them are big consumers of energy and CO2.

Although "Eastwood" is also small, we want to reduce our carbon footprint. If possible, bring it to zero with our actions of tree protection, reforestation, water conservation, Permaculture based gardens, waste management and responsible bio construction.