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Kepler Paper Sundial

REF: H03 Kepler Solar Clock Kepler Paper

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Astronomy, celestial mechanics, the observation of day and night cycles, pushed us to create gadgets and scientific instruments that helped us to create mathematical patterns, measure the time of light and darkness, a simple stake driven into the ground mediates the course of the light that presided over the days.

Sundials, with compass, were the first portable sundials.introduced in the 15th century, were the first portable sundials. The compass allowed the orientation of the instrument for its correct functioning. the quadrant towards the South and the gnomon (a piece of rope or a folding triangle) projects a shadow that indicates the solar time in the hour quadrant. The golden age of sundials lasted from the 15th century to the end of the 18th century.

The Kepler Sundial is a scientific instrument both ornamental and functional as it allows us to know the solar time. Its rectangular shape and its careful decoration, make it an original and essential gift for sensitive people with intellectual interest in science, astronomy or for the pure pleasure of owning a historical, ornamental and singular object.

This model is adapted to facilitate navigation and heading determination. It is equipped with a wind rose on the top with a needle to determine the 32 different courses.


Length: 8,6cm / Width: 7cm / Height: 2cm

 H03 Kepler Paper Sundial