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Universal Astrolabe by Rojas 20 ∅

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If the Planispherical Astrolabe is the most sophisticated and beautiful astronomical instrument throughout history, it is the mathematical jewel of the Middle Ages. The Universal Astrolabe of Rojas is the jewel of ancient technology and science.

It is a unique, decorative and essential piece in any collection, developed to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy.

During the 16th century the astrolabe reaches its maximum popularity. The Spanish mathematician and astronomer Juan de Rojas y Sarmiento exposed and spread in Europe the Orthographic Projection (1550).

This projection was successfully applied to the construction of a new type of astrolabe, providing a great advantage over its predecessors, as it was valid for any latitude.

Used to measure the time, azimuths and declinations of the stars...

In short : an elegant analogue computer

In Europe the Astrolabe became an essential instrument for astronomers, astrologers and surveyors until the end of the 17th century when it was replaced by more accurate instruments. In the Arab world its use lasted until the 19th century. 



Maximum Height (with throne): 245mm / Diameter: 200mm / Thickness: 7mm