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This ancient abacus teaches us the secrets of multiplication and division.

We present a mathematical, didactic and educational ingenuity, an analog calculator!

This abacus was invented by the Scottish mathematician John Napier or Neper (1550-1617).
In the year of his death he published in Edinburgh a small work in Latin, dedicated to the product and quotient of numbers, entitled Rabdologiae (1617).
In it, Neper made a contribution of great importance for the daily calculations, anticipating the calculating machines: he described some canes of his invention, the "Napier canes" that made possible the realization of calculations by means of turns to carry out multiplications (reduced to sums), long divisions, and also square and cubic roots. By this method, products were reduced to addition operations, quotients to subtractions, and logarithm tables transformed powers into products and roots into divisions.

Our Abacus is an Educational Game that consists of a board that is divided into 9 squares numbered from 1 to 9, where the neperian canes are placed. Each stick has 4 sides, with numbers and corresponding multiplication tables.
A booklet with instructions for use with practical examples is enclosed so you can play with numbers!


Length: 15,5cm / Width: 27cm / Height: 4cm